Monday, 11 October 2010

Memories and Mushrooms

I know I've already written about mushrooms, but really, there is such a harvest to be picked in the forest right now, that any self respecting Scottish woman married to a half Finnish man really has to write some more.

Mushrooms grow all over here in the forests which are just around the corner anywhere you turn. We live in a commuter town about 45 mins from Stockhom, but 5 minutes from our house are hunting grounds which abound in blueberries, lingon and MUSHROOMS!

My friend's parents in law own some of these hunting grounds, and 2 weekends ago her husband and mine were there for 3 hours mushroom hunting. My husband came back with a huge grin on his face, exultantly declaring he had never seen so many kantarell mushrooms before. He proudly presented this basket to me.

So we cooked some and dried lots, to enjoy the gorgeous golden taste in stews and soups and sauces this winter.

The memories?

Well, many moons ago, before we had little MacOlssons, the two of us attended a soup making evening class. It was a dark cold evening, but for 4 hours our group made 12 different kinds of soup, bread and wontons to go with them. The unanimous favourite was hazelnut and kantarell soup, served with warm bread.

So Mr MacOlsson, the romantic that he is, made a huge pot of hazelnut and kantarell soup, baked the gorgeous bread and we enjoyed it as much as we did 6 years ago. Only this time we enjoyed it with our three little MacOlssons.

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  2. We used to gather various fungii i Iceland too. Wonder if the colder climes have more than sunny Scotland? We did balk once though were we'd found several buckets full and by the time we got them home dicovered huge worms eating them. Another time we found some that had great taste but terrible texture; indigestible rubber. More like mushorrm flavoured chewing gum!
    Yours sound much more enjoyable.

    Geoff C

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and I'm sorry too that we didn't get to meet while I was over there. Maybe another time! In the mean time I'm going to enjoy coming over here on your blog to get acquainted!
    Maxine (Laura's Mom)


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