Sunday, 16 April 2017

Little and Large

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When my little MacOlssons were little, I really didn't do any sewing.  We had our MacOlsson children very close together...December 2005, December 2006 and February 2008!  I did crochet and knit little hats and gloves and cardigans for them.  We lived in a little little apartment which had two little bedrooms.  No room to swing a cat, let alone have a sewing machine!  Now we live in a lovely house, the littles are medium sized now, and I have learned to sew clothes over the last few years.

Knit fabric is great for children's clothes, and adults' clothes too!  What to do with the smaller pieces left over, which aren't really big enough to make their sized clothes, but are too big to throw away?  I have made hats and little baby quilts, but my fabric shelf is still pretty full of smaller pieces.  Luckily my medium MacOlssons have 2 littler cousins....both boys to my son's delight!  So I had fun tonight trying out a new way of using up fabric.  Hope Mr S likes them - and if they are too small, Mr H will soon be fitting them.  So here is the "Little"....

The fabric is what was left over after making a t-shirt, a hat and a scarf - not bad for a metre of fabric!

And here is the "Large"....

It's actually a bit too big for my boy, but he likes it.  And yes, there is enough fabric left over for something for Mr S or Mr H hopefully.

Both the fabrics are from a really nice fabric shop in Laholm in south west Sweden.  It's about 20 minutes from our summer cottage.  The lady (and her fabulous assistent) is just so nice and friendly and always happy to see me!  If you are in that area, I definitely recommend her shop.  It is called Tyglust, and here is a link to her Facebook page. .