Monday, 27 February 2017

Sew Sew Sew

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I think I must be a fickle handworker.  I go through periods of only crocheting, only knitting, only sewing, crocheting and knitting, knitting and sewing, crocheting and sewing, and sometimes all three.   Right now I have one knitting project which involves some embroidery, one crochet project and one sewing project......hmmm!  Apparently there is a handcrafting term UFO -unfinished objects.  Well, I have a few of these.  Am trying to finish off some of these right now.

Anyhow, the young MacOlssons need some more tops.  They are growing like gorgeous weeds, despite the long winter!  I have some gorgeous fabrics which have been keeping my fabric shelf warm, so got cutting and stitching and here are the results.

These two are different versions of the same pattern.  A basic t shirt from Ottobre.  The flowery one is  lengthened to be a tunic.  After I put a picture up on my fb page, I got an order for another cat top!  Last week I received a lovely photo of a very happy little girl in Ireland who got it for her birthday.

These two are Everyday Dress from Made by Runi.  Really fantastic pattern, super easy to follow.  The pattern comes in both child and adult versions, with a huge range of sizes, variations of pockets, fabrics. I definitely recommend it.  Here is her website - and don't be put off by the Norwegian/Swedish.

The last one was for Master MacOlsson .....the fox lover.  This is a gorgeous velour which I bought from a really nice Finnish designer three years ago.  I cannot remember her name, unfortunately.  He is very happy with his new top, and has requested some more, so for a picky nearly 9 year old (tomorrow is his birthday) his approval means a lot!

I also have a couple of secret projects on the go, but since I suspect the recipients may read here, am not going to show pics just yet.

And yes, I am still fickle.....

This is my pile of granny squares blocking nicely on my chopsticks blocker......

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Knit Crochet Knit Crochet

There are so many wonderful knitting projects and so many wonderful crocheting projects.  So many gorgeous yarns and so little time!

I finished the fox mittens for Master MacOlsson, and they turned out very nice indeed.  My nearly nine year old is delighted to wear them.....just not to school.  It is  hard being an in-between age!

You see the gorgeous crochet lying under the gloves?  That was my birthday present from my parents this year.  They found a beautiful crocheted table cloth in Dochgarroch, outside of Inverness.  Wonder if the person who crocheted it ever thought it would find its way to Sweden?  It is absolutely stunning.  I am in awe of the hours and hours of work which went into this piece.

Next project was to be a crocheted cardigan for me.  Well, I made it, and it was horrible.  The style was just not me at all.  The yarn is gorgeous super chunky wool so it is now being remade into a fabulous sweater to the oldest Miss MacOlsson.  The pattern is called Azel Pullover, designed by Heidi May of the Velvet Acorn.  I purchased the pattern on Revelry...... a place where I seem to spend far too much time!    I am making it in size 11/12 years and so far the Miss is giving her approval.

The yarn is Drops Eskimo in blue.  Gorgeously soft pure wool.  The pattern calls for size 9 mm, but after knitting a swatch, I went down to 8mm.  

And have you seen the beautiful new CAL from Scheepjes?   Called Hygge, and so stunning.  I think I need to become an octopus to make all the beautiful projects which are swimming around in my brain.  

Does anyone ever read this, I wonder?  If you do, would you like to leave a comment?  Look for comments, or "no comments .......That is where you click and write :)