Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Polly the Pig


Meet Polly the Pig! She was really fun to make and I think the hardest part was deciding how to give her eyes. In the end I went for handstitched which is much more childsafe. She has been testdriven on my babies and since she ended up being the centre of a kidfight, I reckon this is one I will be making again.

I am now taking orders - email me through the blog! Oh, and please leave a comment at the bottom of this post to let me know what you think.

Coming soon, Snorkmaiden from the Moomins, or as we Nordic types call her "Snorkfröken"

Oh, and this is what we are enjoying right now from the garden...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Redcurrant Cordial /Rödavinbärsaft

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We have lots of currant bushes in the new garden, and since I am a big fan of making my own jams and cordials, I thought I would try a new one. Its slightly tart in flavour, perfect for the summmer, and is a gorgeous red colour.

This recipe is for my little sister. She thinks I could be a Scottish/Swedish Nigella! Not sure if I am really, since I don't see myself as some supergoddess with lots of hairtossing, but anyhow here is it is! For the lovely Bronwen.

1kg redcurrants
1/2litre water

Bring the water to the boil and add the currants. You don't need to pick them or anything, just chuck them in, stalks and all. Bring it back to the boil and let it simmer for about 10 mins. Press the berries with a wooden spoon to extract more juice.
Strain the mixture. I have a Swedish saftsil, but you could strain them through a clean teatowel. Let it drip through by itself, takes about 30 mins.
This gives you about 1 litre of concentrate. Measure and bring it back to the boil in a clean saucepan, and then add 500g of sugar per litre of liquid. Add just a little at a time, and stir it well to make sure it dissolves properly. Let it simmer for just a few minutes, then pull it off the ring and just let it sit. A little bit of scum can float up, just skim it off.
(I add some preservative so it keeps longer, but if you don't do that, then the cordial will keep in the fridge, or you could freeze it.)
Pour the cordial into warm bottles and cork them straight away. Let them cool, and then enjoy!


Det receptet är till min lillasyster - hon skrev att jag kunde vara en skotsk/svensk Nigella Lawson!!!!! Vet inte om det är riktigt sant, eftersom jag är inte riktig någon supergoddess, men i alla fall, Bronwen, det här är till dig!

1kg rödavinbär
5dl vatten

Koka upp vattnet och lägg i bären. Bären behöver inte repas, bara slänga i de! Koka upp igen tills att de gett ifrån saften, ca 10 minuter. Tryck bären då och då mot grytans kant att få ut mer saft.
Häll ut i en silställning och låt rinna ca 30min. Mät upp den avrunna saften, koka upp den igen. Rör i 6dl socker per liter avrunnen saft, lite i taget, och koka upp igen. Ta bort från värmen och låt den stå några minuter sen ta bort ev skum. Tillsätt 1krm natriumbensoat per liter om så önskas.
Häll saften i varma rena flaskor, förslut genast. Förvara svalt.
Om man inte tillsätta natriumbensoat kan man förvara saften i kylskåpet, men förstås den håller inte så länge.