Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn is here....

and Sweden is looking beautiful. Crispy mornings, with sunny windy days, beautiful sunsets and nights drawing in. Mushrooms are picked, apples made into pies, and life is busy, but good. After six years at home, this mamma is now earning again. The oldest Macolsson kidlet has started school, and Mrs MacOlsson has ventured out into the world of paid employment again. I work 30 hours per week at a local nursery, or preschool. Yes, its an extension of the last 6 years at home! However, pleasant colleagues and that monthly paycheck make the transition smoother than expected. Time is precious. Doesn't stretch to everything I would like to do. Balancing isn't easy, but practice makes perfect! We had a wonderful summer. Flew home. To my childhood home, where my children played on the same beach mamma played on, in the same playpark, ,, went to the same seaside cafe, paddling pool and most importantly, spent time with their beloved Nana and Grandad. And now, my firstborn walks happily into school each day, is learning so much each day, is growing so much each day, and yet at night, when she sleeps, still has the same expression she wore the first night she entered this world. Slightly smiling, long long lashes, rosy cheeks.....and still snoring! Kidlets number 2 and 3 are growing so fast. They still have those dimply hands, and chubby cheeks, but they are stretching, reaching upwards and outwards, expending so much energy that we can't keep up at times. But at night, they sleep, like their big sister, slightly smiling, long long lashed, rosy cheeks....and snoring. Here they are, in my beloved Scotland, at a place called Chanonry Point, on the Black Isle. For the uninformed, its in the Highlands, and the place to go to if you want to see the Moray Firth Dolphins.