Thursday, 18 April 2013

Apple Blosson

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I think you could officially say Spring is here in Sweden. There are some stubborn snow piles defying the rising temperatures but its just a matter of time before they give up the fight, and submit to Sweden's most beautiful season.

Spring here is nothing short of spectacular. It explodes out of the long winter over one short weekend. It hasn't exploded just quite yet, but it happens like this....... You go home from work on a Friday evening, enjoy your weekend, return to work on the Monday. BOOM! SPRING!
That short weekend has dressed everything in a fresh green haze, the temperature has increased to that balmy level that makes you raise your face up to the sun, the birds sing their Spring concerto, and the garden bursts into pastel beauty.
All that hasn't happened just yet, so my yearning heart has hurried it along a little both inside and out. Some apple twigs have revealed their delicate blossoms after 4 days inside, and pansies in baskets and pots outside are tempting the rascally roe deer.
It's a rainy Thursday in April. I don't care the slightest. It's Spring!