Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On my needles.....

I now work full time, so my mrsmacolsson time is somewhat reduced.  But my enjoyment of creating continues, not just at home now, but also at work.

Here in Sweden, the long winter is starting to make its mark on us all.  I find myself longing for  sunny days and birdsong.  My mum informs me that the crocuses at home in Scotland are coming up, the snowdrops are blooming.   So what to do? Well, you just move the garden indoors.  Mr MacOlsson came home with some daffodil bulbs which are promising to bloom soon.

There is a lot of "hygge" being mentioned right now.  Seems like the Danish word has now become thought I would share a little of my "hygge".   Knitting was one of the first crafty things I learned to do.  I remember knitting little dresses for my Pippa and Daisy doll.  One of my best presents ever was a little blue dress and hat my mum knitted for my doll when I was maybe 4.

So "hygge" right now for me is knitting.   I adore all the Scandinavian traditional knitting patterns and have always admired Fair Isle and Shetland knitting.  When we were in Finland over the New Year, I was looking at Mr MacOlssons grandmother's knitting patterns for mittens.  Since my Finnish is pretty bad, I could really just decipher the charts.  So now I have two New Year's Resolutions.......learn some more Finnish, and learn to knit mittens Scandinavian style.

I found a cute Fox mitten pattern for the youngest MacOlsson, so have got this far!  Pretty simple, but still a good way to practise, not just patterns but knitting with 5 needles :)  Think my little sister would be rolling her eyes right now at me!!!!

So there it is, my "hygge".