Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Long time no see!

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I'm ashamed to say how long it has been since I logged on here. Life has been super busy and the MacOlsson family has not left much time over for blogging! However, we are all just dandy, trying very hard to be good, and generally enjoying this wonderful pre Summer season here in Sweden. The lilacs are blooming, the rhododendrons are blooming, the sweet peas are stretching up the wires, Mr MacOlsson's cornflowers are sprouting nicely , the strawberries are starting to form, and all over our garden the wild strawberries are promising sweet treats to come.

I've posted before about recycling and just have to share again about its delights! Today I went with all our recycling and a couple of books we were finished with. Came home with a fabulous working Brother sewing machine which is much fancier than my own one. AND this beauty..

A vintage Arabia jar with lid in absolutely perfect condition! For those not in the know, Arabia is Finnish porcelain. As with all Finnish china ware, it is both funky and functional, and very sought after. Not everyone appreciates it though, luckily for me! I see on ebay the same ones go for a great price - but sorry, I am keeping this lovely piece in the macolsson household.
Last time I was there, I picked up 6 Arabia dinner plates, the exact same as our ones we use every day, so after a swish in the dishwasher, we now have enough matching dinner plates for us AND for when we have visitors!

So what about your finds? Bargain stories please!

Off to pick some lilac - you do know that you can make the most delicious cordial from the blossoms, don't you? Get picking.