Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mushroom mania!

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The last few weekends, or more, we have been mushroom picking nearly every Saturday. It's now mid September and the forest is full of wonderful goodies. The garden is too! We have made red currant cordial, plum jam, apple sauce, munched on beautiful blackberries and kept a careful eye on the last of the blueberries .
Feast your eyes on these!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Two Become One!

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My little sister sent me this skirt.

I really really like it, but it's just a tad too short on me. When I sit and a child sits on my knee.... Well, let me just say that I prefer to show a little less flesh when not on the beach!

I also have this skirt. It is well worn and faded, but I like the length and I like the fabric. It is also lined, and the exact same colour as the dark pattern on my pretty new skirt.

However this skirt is definitely well past its best before date, so I had an idea......could I extend the lining on my NEW skirt using the lining on the OLD skirt, making the NEW skirt the perfect length for me?

I snipped off the bottom ruffle, and then trimmed it to fit, even remembered to allow for the seam allowance.  The width of the bottom of the new skirt lining was 160cm, so I added 2 cm for seam allowance on the old skirt ruffle, and joined it together in the round.  Very very handy having a ready ruffled piece of fabric!  Saves a lot of huffing and puffing on my part!

Then I carefully pinned it to the bottom of the new skirt lining, and stitched the two pieces together.  I didn't even need to edge it first, as I had cut so carefully along the old skirt lining and used the existing edging on the ruffle join!

And the finished skirt!  It twirls beautifully and has that lovely wafty airy feeling as you move. Reminds me of those fabulously expensive Danish summer skirts which I always drool over, and never can afford even in the summer sale.   Thanks little sister!



Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pattern Testing for Little Lizard King

I was lucky to be chosen to test the new Bubble Romper Pattern for Little Lizard King, and even luckier to have the perfect little model!

Little Miss Lucy all of 4 weeks old, and as cute and cuddly as they come! Thanks Simon and Maddy for lending her!

The material is from Ikea's children department.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer in Sweden

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This exemplifies summer for me in my adopted country. Beautiful Summer flowers and newly bottled elderflower cordial..... 28 liters to be exact!

There are 7 more buckets of the lovely stuff stewing away happily in the cellar.
The kitchen smells wonderful, the floor is sticky.....Summer is here!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sign of Summer

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I published this picture and a dear friend of mine said "I always know its Summer when you make this!"

The first batch will be ready tomorrow, just in time for Swedish midsummer.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summer Giveaway!

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I am having another tea cosy giveaway, this time for this gorgeous version of a Swedish Princesstårta!

You need to go to my fb page, like the page (not the photo) AND share the post on your own page.
Here is the link.....

I'll choose a winner on Thurs June 7th.....  GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Easter Giveaway

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Since I started my new job, my Mrs MacOlsson side has been sorely neglected. To get into gear again, I am having a competition. To enter, go to my facebook page, and SHARE the Easter giveaway post. Make sure you like my page....once there are 150 likes for my page, one lucky person wil win a special Easter teacosy. Here's the link!

Sunday, 22 January 2012


No comments: going to keep this up. I reaaly enjoy writing. Often I want to write about things properly. Facebook just doesn't lend itself to writing. Status updates aside, one cannot express oneself adequately! Way back in September, my darling hubby bought me this ipad for our anniversary. I couldn't figure out how to update the blog on it, so I just let it slide. Sliding is not good. Moving forward is good. So now I shall! 2012. Soon I will be all of 41 years old! On my birthday, I will be exactly half my daddy's age! Since he is most definitely not computer literate, I can share his age online. Imagine. My dad is double my age. 2012. Being inspired by a fellow Scot to eat GI food. Won't mention her by name, but she reads this. 3 weeks into GI food, and I am hooked. And BTW, yes, the sugar craving magically disappears, and the mummy tummy magically shrinks! 2012. Opportunity. I am returning to work properly! I spent 4 months working at a daycare centre. I realised that having 3 little ones of my own, well, work was an extension of home. self confidence is restored, thanks to amazing co workers and sweet little ones. I am good at my job. Soon I start a new job as a mother tongue support teacher. Part time, teaching. Its me! To be continued.....


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Wonder why its so hard to keep this updated? Can't decide whether to continue, or whether to just concentrate on Mrs MacOlsson on fb. Opinions?