Sunday, 22 January 2012


No comments: going to keep this up. I reaaly enjoy writing. Often I want to write about things properly. Facebook just doesn't lend itself to writing. Status updates aside, one cannot express oneself adequately! Way back in September, my darling hubby bought me this ipad for our anniversary. I couldn't figure out how to update the blog on it, so I just let it slide. Sliding is not good. Moving forward is good. So now I shall! 2012. Soon I will be all of 41 years old! On my birthday, I will be exactly half my daddy's age! Since he is most definitely not computer literate, I can share his age online. Imagine. My dad is double my age. 2012. Being inspired by a fellow Scot to eat GI food. Won't mention her by name, but she reads this. 3 weeks into GI food, and I am hooked. And BTW, yes, the sugar craving magically disappears, and the mummy tummy magically shrinks! 2012. Opportunity. I am returning to work properly! I spent 4 months working at a daycare centre. I realised that having 3 little ones of my own, well, work was an extension of home. self confidence is restored, thanks to amazing co workers and sweet little ones. I am good at my job. Soon I start a new job as a mother tongue support teacher. Part time, teaching. Its me! To be continued.....


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Wonder why its so hard to keep this updated? Can't decide whether to continue, or whether to just concentrate on Mrs MacOlsson on fb. Opinions?