Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hats and Bonnets

Those pesky autumn winds are kind of tricky. One minute they are warm and soft, turn the corner, and they are kind of nippy. Especially for little MacOlsson ears. So guess what was on the hook this week? Oh yes, little hats for cute little heads.

Funny thing about hats. No matter what the style,colour or pattern, little heads suit them all. Now adults....well let's just say that an awful lot of people wear hats that just don't suit them at all. Bearing that in mind, I hardly ever wear a hat, and as far as I know, there are very few pictures around of me wearing one. In fact, this past winter, the teachers at my daughters' nursery said that they knew it was really really cold if I had a hat on! The only picture I like of me in a hat is this one, taken of course by Mr MrsMacOlsson.

He took it in Finland, just after we were married, on one of our many honeymoon weekends. We had been out walking for an hour on a gloriously sunny winter day. Minus 28 degrees celsius! Believe me, it was cold.

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  1. Great hats. Love the little girls hat! Great work and color.

  2. Thank you Gloria! Seems like I just can't finish them fast enough right now for little heads :)

  3. I found your blog after you commented on the Praire Hen, who grew up while I was watching. I enjoy finding blogs of the people who know the people I know, and I watched Laura grow up, too. I'm a crocheter, but mostly do big things like afgans for baby or whatever, I'm busy and they go fast. I'll check back!

  4. My 3 children and myself all wear mrsmacolsson hats. We get comments about how great they look. They are so beautifully made and look really great on. What I really love about my hat is that it feels so light and soft on and it doesnt sweat my hair out like most heavy machine made hats. I highly recommend them as a MUST buy item.


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