Friday, 12 March 2010


Moomin or Mumin is part of our everyday life in mrsmacolsson's family. The kiddies have duvets with Mumin on, their favourite dvds are Mumin, I have a Muminmamma on my keyring and suitcase, mr mrsmacolsson has Muminpappa on his suitcase. We have little Mumins, even had a Muminmobile over the cot, which is now hanging in the playroom. Mumin plates, Mumin cutlery, and a HUGE collection of the beautiful Mumin mugs from Arabia.

So, I suppose it wasn't so surprising that in the middle of my crochet development, I wanted to crochet a Mumin. I tried to find a pattern, but in the end combined feet from one pattern with a chubby body from another and worked on my own head pattern. The result was this blue Mumin, known as Snork, only because I had run out of white!
My friend Fiona suggested I sell on, and the other day I received an email from a Children's Books Publisher in the US, wondering if I would like to write an article for them on how Mumin has inspired my crafting! The Publishers had googled Mumin, and found my Snork! Of course I am going to write the article, and there will be a competition to win a crocheted Mumin on their online magazine for kids. How fun is that? In fact, it has inspired me to crochet another Mumin, this time it will hopefully be Muminmamma, since I aspire to be more like her - always happy, completely unfazed by the tricks her family gets up to, and happiest making saft or in her beloved garden.

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