Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I found a really nice crafting magazine in our local supermarket - in English! It had lots of gorgeous scrapbooking,sewing,crochet,knitting idea, and I just fell for this Easter Hen. It was so easy to make from material I had at home, so decided to make a couple more and try to sell them on As always, mr mrsmacolsson is the photographer.

I was in Finland a couple of weeks ago with my lovely motherinlaw, and we spent a long time browsing in bookshops, as we are both bookworms. I found a great hobby bookshop, where you could sit as long as you wanted, drink tea (free!) and browse. Perfect on a cold snowy day, and got lots of inspiration, spent quite a few euros on a gorgeous Cath Kidston book. Am actually really glad I don't live in Britain now - I reckon all my money would disappear on her fabrics.

Shabby Chic is very trendy in Sweden right now - seems like every new shop which opens caters to this. Hmm, should I hop on the train? Well, with three little macolssons at home, shabby works, definitely not chic, as it seems to entail lots of lovely pretty things guaranteed to appeal to the little macolssons!

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  1. I read and enjoyed!
    Faithful Lil Sis xx


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